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Investment Criteria

The Principal criteria we look for are:



An excellent and original concept giving the business some in-built advantage either through specialised knowledge or IPR, relationships or a niche service with barriers to subsequent entrants. We do not invest where we cannot tell which of a number of competing businesses in a new market is likely to succeed.


A quality, creative and experienced management team who are self-motivated and commercial.



We prefer businesses who service corporate customers or public sector bodies, and operate in areas where we have some experience; in particular finance, marketing, business services, property services, medical services and energy.



Start-up, seed or first round finance. We will consider distress refinancing of more mature businesses, or buyouts.


Investment: We will only invest where, for an investment of less than £0.5 million, we can obtain more than 20% of the voting rights.


If you are seeking capital for your business and you believe it fits our criteria, please go to Seeking Investment in order to submit your preliminary proposal.

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