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Some facts - It’s the time of year when 330,000 young people set off to university or college for the first time. Each one has on average £3000 worth of gadgets, making them rich pickings for thieves. Every 4 minutes a student in the UK is burgled, but only 1 in 10 has a belongings policy. A Home Office survey recently stated that halls of residence and shared houses attract criminals “like bees to a honeypot”. Parents’ home and contents policies can sometimes be extended to include their childrens’ property away from home, but why risk losing your no claims bonus for cover that may have restrictions such as requiring proof of forcible entry in a theft?

Instead, click on to www.studentwatchout.co.uk for immediate quotes on specialist policies and to buy online, or phone 0207 847 2842. Because we are independent, we scour what’s out there so you don’t have to, and each year recommend which schemes are the ‘best buys’, all in one place. This includes standalone policies for individual valuables like laptops (a £2000 computer can be insured ‘all risks’ worldwide for as little as £60), MILO (£150,000 compensation for loss of a hand or eye), and even insurance against failure to complete your course!

We feature the Saxon Belongings policies (starting at £15) and the Campus Belongings policy, underwritten by the Royal & SunAlliance (for £2500 worth of belongings including a £150 bike expect to pay £63 a year in hall or £105 in a flat in Manchester, over £40 cheaper than Endsleigh in this case).

StudentWatchout is an unbiased advice service established 50 years ago to provide information to young people on which insurance policies are ‘best buys’. Virginstudent, the major student portal, have taken a 40% stake in our business and recommend us to their members and to the wider student body.

For further details on student insurance, please contact Ben.dunbar@summit-group.co.uk 0207 847 2842
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