Silver lining gives stamp of approval To 2000 series revolution™

Silver Lining, the waste management and recycling company based in Leeds, is improving its own efficiency, as well as that of its customers, through the introduction of a revolution™ 2000 waste processor from ET2 Limited.

The company specified a 2000 series unit to process scrap plastic 25 litre drums containing residual liquors and sludge. Prior to the revolution™ installation, drums were manually fed into a shredder before being placed in a static ram compactor. This process was laborious, costly, high in maintenance and produced unsatisfactory weight-to-density results.

With the revolution™ now on site, labour content has been reduced by a staggering 90 per cent: a forklift truck deposits the drums directly into the feeder hopper and further cost savings are being made with greatly improved weight-to-density ratios. Residual liquors and sludge are now being recovered and recycled.

The revolution™ 2000 series delivers a variety of special order options, now including automatic wash-down, odour control, level sensors, bin lifts, discharge volume monitors and adjustable density controllers. (See www.et2revolution.com for full details)