revolution™ helps silver spring comply With landfill directive

With the introduction of a revolution™ waste processor from ET2 Limited, Silver Spring Mineral Water Company in Folkestone is easily meeting the DETR Landfill Directive on liquid content.

The company has taken delivery of a 2000/15 wet specification revolution™ complete with a bin docking bay that allows the unit to be coupled to a 35 cu. yd. enclosed container. At the other end a custom-made hopper enables forklift operators to feed waste directly into the processor. The result is a fully automatic waste processing system.

Waste includes palletised and shrink-wrapped soft drinks in PET bottles from 500mm to 2L in capacity, general cardboard and packaging, plus factory sweepings. The wet specification incorporates a high capacity drainage system that, together with the shearing and twisting effect of the patented screw mechanism and its high compaction capabilities, produces a dry waste plug that is easily within the Landfill Directive’s liquid content restrictions.

“Prior to the arrival of the revolution™, waste management was a labour intensive exercise with palletised product being manually unpacked,” explained Fred Crockford, Engineering Manager at The Silver Spring Mineral Water Company Limited.

“Liquid extraction was difficult and I estimate that some 15 percent of the waste volume was liquid, which does not meet current legislation. Waste transportation was also time consuming with three uplifts a week, 52 weeks of the year.”

All that has changed thanks to the high compaction capabilities of the 2000/15 revolution™. Silver Springs now expects to reduce its annual waste management costs by over £26,000.