Dizzy Blond? More like Dizzy Bloke!

Men are more careless and accident-prone than women, according to leading laptop insurers, Complete Computer Cover.

Recent analysis of the company’s claims data has revealed that men are almost two and a half times more careless than women when it comes to accidentally damaging their computer. As many as 71 per cent of insurance claims due to dropping, knocking, melting, treading on or driving over a laptop came from men, compared to only 29 per cent from women.

Clumsiness isn’t the only cause for concern for the male of the species who just can’t seem to hang onto their possessions. Again, twice as many men as women are responsible for claims resulting from theft of their laptop.

Managing director of Complete Computer Cover, David Milner said: “It’s amazing really that men are so much more prone to misfortune than women – especially as much of it is avoidable. Most of the theft claims we deal with are when someone’s left their laptop in their car. People really need to understand that leaving anything of value in a car – even out of sight – is a recipe for disaster.”

However while the data seems to explode the myth that women are more dizzy than men it confirms the assumption that people are much more careful with their own possessions and seem to have little respect for company property.

The majority of claims (68 per cent) for accidental damage were related to business-owned computers compared to less than a third from consumers (32 per cent). And the figures for theft make even grimmer reading for companies. Corporate computers are six times more likely to be stolen than equipment owned by individuals. Over 86 per cent of claims for theft are from businesses compared to 14 per cent of consumers.

According to Complete Computer Cover, the number one cause of accidental laptop demises is dropping or knocking them, followed at joint second place by dropping something onto the computer and cracking the screen by opening or closing the computer.

Third place is taken by treading on, tripping on or slipping onto the laptop or alternatively by damaging it while driving a car or riding a motorcycle.

Some of the less common and more bizarre portable computer demises were previously reported by the company and are listed on its site (with pictures!) at www.completecomputercover.com.

On a more serious note, a small number of claims are also a result of a mugging. “We strongly advise people to be vigilant and cautious with expensive computer equipment,” said David Milner. “The golden rule is not to carry equipment visibly on your person if you can possibly avoid it.”

Ends For further information please contact Simon Williams or Jamie Sitzia, Band & Brown Communications, tel: 0117 927 2444 or email simon@bbpr.com. Notes to Editors Launched in August 1996, Complete Computer Cover was the first company to offer specialist insurance for the material loss and damage of computers, especially laptops. It now has more than 15,000 customers and a turnover in excess of £3 million. Its clients include individuals, SMEs, large corporations and educational establishments (50 universities and more than 2,000 schools).
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