Optima Global Address establishes own identity to become Global Address

Optima Global Address is to amend its name to Global Address. The company remains a member of the Optima group but will trade under its own unique identity in recognition of the growing awareness of the 'Global Address' brand. The main web domain will become www.globaladdress.net.

Global Address, the data quality specialist, is now a firmly established provider of international name and address data. It helps global corporate customers collect, maintain and enhance client contact information, spanning over 230 countries and 30 languages. The name change is designed to enable the company to leverage the brand recognition more fully and to avoid any confusion with other, unconnected companies using the 'Optima' name.

The Global Address Suite consists of three key applications, along with a developer’s toolkit and an ASP offering. The company will be adding worldwide latitude-longitude co-ordinates and time zone information to its dataset, making the Global Address Suite the most complete and comprehensive package available.

For further information, please contact Catherine McFarland, Global Address, on +44 (0)117 915 4171 or at catherine.mcfarland@globaladdress.net