Medical Equipment Solutions

Medical Equipment Solutions 29.1% owned by Summit Group

Asset based services for medical facilities

Medical Equipment Solutions Limited (“MESL”) was established in February 2004 to develop asset based service offerings into the NHS, both directly and via private contractors.

Medical Equipment Solutions has continued to grow its established intracranial stereotactic radiosurgery (“SRS”) centres and to be the driving force as an investor and operator of these highly specialised centres. The Group seeks to become the UK leading intracranial SRS service provider as well as, aiming to expand for extra cranial centres in the coming years.  These services are delivered through:

A joint venture to provide gamma knife treatments in 2008 at BMI's Thornbury hospital called The Thornbury Radiosurgery Centre Limited which in June 2017 became a wholly owned subsidiary. 

A 100% subsidiary, QSRC Limited, which provides these services at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London, part of University College Hospital London.

Further radiosurgery centres continue to be explored, both for extra and intra cranial procedures, with the strong belief that SRS will transform patients’ treatments and outcomes in the coming decade, as the traditional radiotherapy operations transfer to stereotactic radiosurgery which offers highly focused and accurate beams allowing for higher dosage and single treatments of specific sites with little or no side effects and a much better quality of life.

Medical Equipment Solutions


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