Compact power: A Revolution ™ in Waste to Energy

ET2 is delighted to announce the integration of revolution™ into Compact Power’s Waste to Energy plant at Avonmouth, Bristol. Compact Power Holdings plc is a waste recycling business committed to cleaning up the environment via thermal conversion. The process combines pyrolysis, gasification and high temperature oxidation to convert wastes into fuel gas and other usable products.

The thermal recycling process requires a dense and consistent waste feed and delivery system to the pyrolysis chambers. The feed must allow the material to enter the plant without entrained or external air, in order to maintain optimum thermal processing and allow stringent control of emissions.

ET2’s revolution™ waste processors were selected as the ideal front-end material handling technology for delivery of waste into the plant. After detailed discussion with Compact Power, ET2 developed a dedicated revolution™ design that is sealed to the plant to prevent ingress of air, and this is now a key element in the overall plant design.

“Our experience of working with Compact Power has been interesting and rewarding, providing us with further insight into Waste to Energy issues, and enabling us to continue the development of our equipment. We look forward to continuing to supply and develop revolution TM for Compact Power’s future plants” says Robin Hamilton, Managing Director of ET2 Limited. - ends -